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A Fateful Decision is the second episode aired in the Blue Dragon (anime).


Shu finds himself unable to control Blue Dragon as it destroys buildings and soldiers alike in a blind rage. Zola's traveling companion, Jiro, summons his own Shadow, Minotaur, to subdue Blue Dragon while Zola fends off the squadron. After Shu regains consciousness, Zola tells of Shu about Blue Dragon and its history concerning the Seven Soldiers of Light and how Gran Kingdom plans to dominate the world with his army of shadows.

Following that their leader, Nene is abducting children, Zola convinces Shu that as long as Shu remains, the Kingdom will continue to attack his village unless he accompanies them on their journey. A confused Shu gets depressed over what to do until the Gran Kingdom army attack the village again but was once again fended off by Zola. The next morning, Shu now convinced decided to go with Zola for his own sake, followed by Kluke.



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