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Alumaru Village

Alumaru Village as seen in the first game's trailer

Alumaru Village is a location in Blue Dragon.


Alumaru Village is the home of the Gorgo Tribe.

Through unknown circumstances, Jeelala became chief of Alumaru Village following Guru-Guru's exile. Ever since, Jeelala tried to get Sura-Sura to live with him even to the point where he had the bell that Sura-Sura kept ringing confiscated. After creating a diversion for the guards outside of Alumaru Village's treasure storehouse, Shu and Co. investigated the treasure storehouse where Jeelala confronted him. Jeelala revealed to them that he stole the gem to gain what he wanted and frame Guru-Guru for the theft. After Jeelala and his Gorgo Beastfolk followers were defeated, Zola exposed Jeelala for the theft of the gem to the arriving Gorgo guards.

After Sura-Sura was informed of Guru-Guru's innocence, Shu and Co. rescued Guru-Guru from the Exile Forest and reunited him with Sura-Sura.

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