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Amethyst Dragon

Amethyst Dragon

The Amethyst Dragon is one of the five dragons that appears after talking to the elder in Kelaso in the game. It appears in the second season of the anime, where it was later destroyed by Rosekstan's airship, Hraesvelg.


A large winged dragon with purple skin where the name is derived. The beige-colored armor plating runs down from the neck to its three-spiked tail, and its inner wings are muddy orange with extra horns on its back. Similar to the Blizzard Dragon, the horns appear near the nose and lower jaw with yellow eyes with thick red outlining. It emits purple arc-shaped waves and fireballs from its mouth that are strong enough to destroy heavy artillery. It also created a red orb discharging sparks from its horns.


The Amethyst Dragon is vulnerable to wind and physical attacks and has 25,000 HP. His 2 main attacks are Lightning of the Gods, which does damage and paralyzes 1 target, and Lightening breath, which does damage to everyone. Ultimately, your characters should have 999 HP, the highest you can get, to defeat this boss.


World Map - Coastal Road. The dragon is located on the side of the coastal road where the rocks caved in near Talta Village.


  • The name implicates players to confuse it for a ground enemy since amethyst is a type of mineral, but it is actually a dragon with the lightning element.

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