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Monsters appeared[]

  • #039: Flame Wolf Ghost
  • #040: Snow Wolf Ghost
  • #055: Hover Alarm
  • #058: Intercept Electrogue
  • #060: Medic Maintenancer
  • #179: Midnight Ghost
  • #198: Wandering Wrath
  • #263: Icefire Wolf Ghost


The Ancient Hospital Ruins is a location in Blue Dragon. It an abandoned, haunted underground hospital covered in rubble and dirt. Marumaro drives the Drill Machine here in order to obtain a medicine for his village's sickness inflicted by Nene. He is pursued by Shu, Jiro and Kluke who are following him as they believe he can give them some information on Nene. Eventually, the three find Marumaro being brutally attacked by the Icefire Wolf Ghost and promptly rescue him. Shorty afterwards, the four search in the urn room and eventually, the medicine is found. Though this specific medicine is later revealed to only worsen the Devee Tribe's condition.