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The Arcane Dragon is a superboss in Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, and is the only other Door Boss (aside from Destroy) to have 10 stars. As such, Arcane Dragon is the hardest boss in the entire game, and can still thrash you and your party members even at Lv:99.


Arcane Dragon is a powerful Beast of the Otherworld sealed away behind the Extreme Door. After completing New World and conquering all Door Bosses, the Ultimate Door allows the player to fight Arcane Dragon. Though you can defeat in single player, you're far better off gathering friends in Multiplayer and fighting Arcane Dragon that way; though despite that now it is impossible because the Nintendo DS Wifi Servers went down years ago, you can still fight together through local multiplayer.


  • Dragorus Sword: (Arcane Dragon summons a blue laser beam that deals 999 damage to it's target.)
  • Defoilus (Arcane Dragon uses magic to lower your physical defence, allowing it's attacks to deal more damage.)
  • Nightmare: (Arcane Dragon exhales a dark fire ball while inflicts damage (and multiple status effects) upon it's target.)
  • Dartsus: Arcane Dragon charges up it's attack and launches darts at you or someone else. (Has a 50% chance of 1 hitting you)
  • Catastrophe: Generates a massive explosion that literally 1 hits you or other party members nearby the attack.
  • Shutter Blow: Arcane Dragon delivers a super punch on the target, knocking him/her down and lowering their defense.
  • Disgorge: Increases all attack to 666. (Only used once when it is on the 3rd health bar. It won't always use this skill.)

Ultimate Door Message[]

Before defeating all Door Bosses/New World Bosses

Ultimate Door: The collosal beasts that slither through the Otherworld... I shall seal away all such cursed creatures... And only those brave enough to conquer all Otherworlds will earn the right to battle the Ultimate Darkness...

After defeating all Door Bosses/New World Bosses

Ultimate Door: Have you sealed away all misfortune? In that case, come face to face with the ultimate misfortune which I've sealed myself.

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  • Obtaining the Golden Helmet requires the player to defeat Arcane Dragon, just as defeating Destroy allows you to obtain Excalibur and defeating Omega Dragon grants you the means to make the Golden Armour.
  • Despite being called the Ultimate Door in dialogue, when the player actually accesses the door, it's called the Extreme Door. This is either an error or it implies that Ultimate Door is a separate character altogether.
  • The Extreme Door is a golden version of the Crystal Door that some Door bosses are sealed behind. In addition, Arcane Dragon is fought on the Sky Battleground (instead of the Ultimate Battleground, as one would first assume), uses the standard boss theme (Eternity) instead of the final boss theme (The Seal is Broken) and is a harder version of Omega Dragon, leaving Destroy as the only true unique Door Boss in the game.
  • Both Arcane Dragon and Timewyrm are similar in that both of them are dragon monsters who are the strongest bosses of their respective games and can still wipe the floor with your party (even at Lv: 99). The difference being that Timewyrm was added to Dragon Quest XI's Switch remake whereas Arcane Dragon was already in Awakened Shadow.