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Ashura (アシュラ) is one of the Shadows that appear in Blue Dragon Plus. One of the main users being Himiko.


Asura is a humanoid shadow with four arms. They hold two swords in their upper arms and wear a golden helmet.


Asura mainly uses healing spells. With Himiko, their only spells are 'Moon' and 'Asura'. Moon will cast a random but strong white magic spell being: Healus, Cureus, Regeneratus, Erase and Revivus (Erase being the only offensive spell of the lot). Asura casts light magic that attacks every enemy on the map.

Every other character (aside from Himiko and Nene) can have Asura as their shadow if they have the Divinity class. With this class, Asura's abilities are: Angelic Shield, Null Magic and Moon Repair.


  • Asura is based on the demigod of Buddhism with the same name.