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Azure Abyssal Dragon (水龍 ) is a mecha robo-type monster and the boss of the Sea Cube (located in it's Deepest Area) in Blue Dragon. It reappears in Blue Dragon Plus as a boss.





Blue Dragon[]

It is weak to Fire magic and must be killed by destroying the parts of its' body in order. After the battle the player can go beyond the room in which they fought it, (instead of warping out) and eventually obtain the Black Barrier Device, located in a chest.

Blue Dragon Plus[]

To defeat the Azure Abyssal Dragon, you must use fire and water spells one after the other. Fire spells are strong against it but once one is cast on it, a shield is created so one must use a water spell to remove the barrier. However, the water spell heals the monster so a weaker water spells are recommended while stronger fire spells are recommended for afterwards.


  • The Azure Abyssal Dragon the only dragon in the game to have the appearance of a Chinese dragon as opposed to one from Western culture
  • It's Japanese name Mizuryu translates literally to Water Dragon