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Azure Sentinel is a boss in Blue Dragon.


Azure Sentinel is a Main boss in disc 3 and must be fought before receiving the White Device. It is a very large ground Mecha with 4 arms located in Noluta Village.

Upon using a fire type move for the first time, a dialogue will activate between Marumaro, Shu and Jiro:

  • Jiro: Is it working? Maybe it's weak against fire?
  • Shu: I got it! Grandpa taught me that iron gets softer when you heat it up!
  • Marumaro: Wow! Iron's kinda cool!


  • Lvl: 30
  • Hp: 7000
  • Mp: 0
  • Exp: 860
  • Sp: 9
  • Weakness: Fire (Applies Defense down, Causes counter)
  • Item Steals: Shadow Crystal (common), Bellybutton Ring of Earth (rare)


Since all of it's attacks are physical, the only thing to worry about is it's counter move Rocket Punch when using a fire move or spell and it's special charged move Continuous Punches. Having a tank in front will protect the party from most of his attacks, just be sure to heal them. Using Flarus(Flara) or Flarus Sword(Flara Sword) early will soften it for better damage, switch between healing and fire cycles for a relatively easy fight.