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The Black Shadows (影黒 Kagekuro) is a legion of mass-produced shadow-generating exoskeletons from the Blue Dragon anime.


The Type-Three were given to Gilliam by Delphinium in his revenge on Zola. General Szabo used the Type-Three Black Shadows on Nene's Fortress with those Black Shadows modified with nanobot technology.

When General Logi seceded from Gran Kingdom and formed Rosekstan, he used the Type-Four Black Shadows to establish order. They started in a ruined town occupied by General Orhil and his army, where they eventually surrendered and gaining the town's support in the process.

Blue Dragon: Trial of the Seven Shadows[]

Two years later, the Black Shadows are under the factions: Rosekstan, the Resistance, and the White Guardians for test purposes.

Version Types[]

The Black Shadows each come in different types:

  • Black Shadow Type-One: Reddish-colored robots. They can summon their armored winged warrior shadows.
  • Black Shadow Type-Two: Green-colored robots. They can summon their armored winged warrior shadows with large horns. They are stronger than the ones summoned by the Black Shadow Type-One robots. They were first introduced by Lt. Dragnov when his army attacked Jibral, and battling Shu.
  • Black Shadow Type-Three: Shadows in robotic armor. They can pull laser-shooting swords from their shadowy bodies which can also constrict their opponents. They also have shadowy wings.
  • Black Shadow Type-Four: Humans in robotic armor. This version was created by General Logi to summon robotic birdman-like shadows.
  • Black Shadow Type-Five: Robotic versions of Black Shadow Type-Four.
  • Black Shadow Type-Six: Robots that can summon Valkyrie-like shadows.They have retractable shadowy wings, enabling flight ability.


  • It may be possible that the Black Shadows are named after Black Shadow from the series F-Zero.