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Blue Dragon tenkai no shichi ryu

Blue Dragon: Tenkai no shichi ryu TV anime

Blue Dragon: Trials of the 7 Shadows (ブルードラゴン 天界の七竜 Burū Doragon: Tenkai no Shichiryū) is the second season of the Blue Dragon TV anime directed by Yukihiro Matsushita, and produced by TV Tokyo, SKY Perfect Wellthink and Pierrot.


2 years after the final battle with the darkness, the world has escaped from the crisis of destruction. But war has yet to cease, as the Resistance continues to oppose General Logi and his Rosekstan organization.

Shu joins the Resistance alongside Bouquet and Legolas. One day as Shu investigates a mysterious crater, where he happens to encounter a mysterious boy named Noi. Shu then finds himself ambushed by a Rokenstan fleet, but soon taken down by a mysterious Red Dragon. Without a "shadow" of a doubt at literal, Shu finds himself cornered until Noi miraculously revives Blue Dragon and manages to repel it.

During the same time after, mysterious individuals who call themselves "Investiture Beings" appear where various troubles and unprovoked starts happening. Now Shu and Bouquet must travel the world once again to find his old companions, and discover the meaning behind the calamities from the sky.

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