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The Blue Dragon Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album featuring most BGMs composed by Nobuo Uematsu. It was released under Aniplex on December 13, 2006.


A link to a YouTube playlist with all of the tracks, as well as a few jingles and unused tracks can be found here

  • On the official CD release of the soundtrack, the track titles of Disc 1 are as follows:

01 Waterside

02 Bell of Grief

US 04 Booklet Pg

03 The Land Shark Is Coming!

04 Crisis

05 Mysterious Village

06 Dragon Fight!

07 Thumbs Up!

08 Everyday Tranquility

09 Mystery of the Ancient Machine

10 Challenge

11 Omen

12 In Search of the Ruins

13 Ruins

14 High Speed Flight

15 Anger and Sorrow

16 Watashi no Mizu to Sora

17 Cave

18 City Lights

19 Desolate Town

20 Advancing Ground

21 Bad But Bat

22 Toripo!

23 Smiling Face

24 Knock It Down

25 Army of the Holy Sword

  • The tracks on Disc 2 are:

01 Gibral Castle

02 Zola's Theme

03 A Bit of Fight

04 Frozen Village

05 Nene's Paradise

06 Giant Mechat

07 Advance! Drill Machine

08 Debbie, the Tribe of Dance Lovers

09 The Ancients

10 Ancient Stronghold

11 Machine Temple

12 The Road to Gibral

13 Mechabots Army Charges!

14 Land of Happiness

15 Village of Wall Paintings

16 Peaceful Waterside

17 Uneasy Night

18 Eternity

19 Mechat Takes Off!

20 Take Back the Shadow!

21 State of Emergency


23 Revival of the Ancients

24 Release the Seal

25 Happy Birthday

26 Blue Dragon Main Theme

27 Waterside ~for Piano and Orchestra~

  • Finally, these are some tracks that can be found in the game's files but have no official titles. The fan given names are:

Safe and Sound (A slowed down, slightly different version of Waterside that plays when selecting a file to load)


Good Night (The track/jingle played when sleeping in an inn)

Game Over

My Tears and the Sky (Both English and instrumental versions of Watashi no Mizu to Sora)

Happy Birthday (The English Version)

And the instrumental version of Eternity