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The soundtrack to the original Blue Dragon game. All music was recorded by an orchestra and composed and produced by Nobuo Uematsu.


Disc 1[]

  • Waterside (Title screen theme)
  • A lamenting bell toll
  • The Land Shark is coming!
  • Crisis
  • Mysterious village
  • Dragon fight! (Regular battle theme)
  • Thumbs up! (Battle win theme)
  • Everyday tranquility (Village theme)
  • Mystery of the ancient machine
  • Challenge
  • An omen
  • In search of the ruins
  • Ruins
  • High-speed flight
  • Anger and sorrow
  • Watashi no mizu to sora (My tears and the sky)
  • Cave
  • The city lights
  • The ruined village
  • Exceed the land
  • BAD BUT BAT (Lago village celebration theme)
  • Torippo! (Toripo's theme)
  • A smiling face
  • Knock it down
  • Army of the holy sword

Disc 2[]

  • Jibral castle
  • Zola's theme
  • A little fight
  • The frozen village
  • Nene's paradise
  • Giant mechat
  • Advance! Drill machine
  • The dance-loving Devi tribe (Lago village theme)
  • The ancients
  • An ancient fortress
  • The mechanical temple
  • The path to jibral
  • Mecha-Robo corps charge! (Primitive cube theme)
  • The land of happiness
  • A village of Murals
  • The calm waterside
  • An uneasy night
  • Eternity (Boss battle theme)
  • Mechat takes off! (Mechat riding theme)
  • Take back the shadow!
  • State of emergency (Played in-battle when numerous party members are on low health/KO-ed)
  • Revival of the Ancients
  • The seal is broken (Final boss theme)
  • Happy Birthday
  • Blue Dragon main theme
  • Waterside ~for piano and orchestra~

CD character descriptions[]

  • Shu is a very curious 16-years-old boy who likes to look for forbidden ancient ruins. He has a strong mind that doesn't give in to anything, and he leads his friends along.
  • Jiro is Shu's classmate. At 17, he is a year older, and more level-headed, than the headstrong Shu. Although smart, he gets discouraged when his plans don't work out.
  • Kluke is a somewhat precocious 16-years-old girl whose parents died in the disaster that struck the village one year before. To put an end to these disatsters, she takes a stand along with Shu and Jiro.
  • A member of the batlike Devi race, Marumaro's age is unknown, but he seems about 14 in human years. Customary to the Devi people, he expresses emotions with dance.
  • Zola is a cool and mysterious 20-years-old mercenary who knows a lot about this world. She rarely expresses her emotions, but is a strong ally to Shu and his friends.
  • Nene is the sole survivor of an ancient race that flourished 100,000 years ago. He and the purple clouds cause many disasters, bringing people grief. He comes up against Shu and his friends wherever they go.


  • The character bios from the OST feature quite a few spelling mistakes and what seem to be incorrect statements about some of the characters. This may be to do with translation from Japanese to English
  • The OST lacks the English dubs of 'My tears and the sky' and 'Happy Birthday' because it was only released in Japan so only includes the original Japanese vocals. Despite this, 'Eternity' is still sung in English since both versions are sung with English vocals