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Bouquet (ブーケ Buuke) is a character in the Blue Dragon series. She's one of the few characters to only appear in the anime series.


Being a member of the Ra Clan, Bouquet has the ability to become invisible, but must strip in order to be completely unseen, which is edited out in the dub where she is depicted as being able to turn invisible whenever she wants.


Bouquet has a round face with a light-tan complexion, small round lavender eyes, mid-back gray/black hair that's pulled up into high pigtails on the sides of her head. She has two long strands of hair that usually fall in front of her eyes. Her notable feature is her large breasts, which was censored in the Cartoon Network version of Season 1. Bouquet is considered a beautiful girl by many characters within the series, some of whom call her the most beautiful woman in the world.

In Season 1, she wears a light blue, short dress which is covered up by her white apron; around her neck is a thick blue collar. She wears thigh-high socks and blue flats with a lavender fold. Around her forearms are blue arm bands that start near the elbow and end at the wrist.

In Season 2, she wears a pink halter top with a three-hexagonal shaped pattern on her chest. She wears a dark pink sash around her waist, a short pink miniskirt, dark pink short shorts underneath, long arm bands, dark pink leg-warmers that stop at the intersection of her thigh and lower leg, and brown flats with a white fold.



As a member of the Ra Clan, Bouquet has the power to turn herself invisible, but must strip to become invisible to the naked eye. (In the Cartoon Network version, all she does is untie her apron and she disappears with "sparkles" covering her body up to her neck.) During the anime, this ability is used to escape from the enemy and to infiltrate the enemy's territory. On one occasion, she was somehow detected by Delphinium and later by Investiture beings.


Bouquet transformed into Kluke

Bouquet transformed into Kluke.

Bouquet's Shadow is Hippopotamus. Hippopotamus has the ability to merge with Bouquet so that they can shapeshift into any person, animal or object they've seen once. After Passing her ruin's test, she gains the power of mimicry, allowing them to copy enemy attack that hit them, such as the Black Shadow Type Three robot.

In Trial of the Seven Shadows, thanks to Noi's power, they gain the power to merge with another Shadow. They transform into a pink sphere, which needs to be grabbed by the one their merging with. After fusing with a Shadow, they gain a near perfect body with armor and a huge boost in power.

Blue Dragon (Anime)[]

Season 1[]


Bouquet and Shu

Shu and the others first encountered her in a restaurant as a waitress where she was being harassed by two customers that Shu and Zola fended off. After losing her job, she follows Shu to Jibral and Gran Kingdom until she later joins their group, quickly developing romantic feelings for Shu.

After asking Shu many questions, all to which he replies "yes" with, she asks him to marry her and provides the same answer, not realizing the question until after he says it. She then teases him and Kluke by saying he is her fiancé, which makes Shu and Kluke angry. She is eventually allowed to join the group, though she gets into conflicts with Kluke because they both have feelings for Shu, though Kluke refuses to admit hers (Bouquet is still aware of them regardless).

She is hated by Cynthia after some of the soldiers in Gran Kingdom's army called Bouquet the prettiest girl in the world when she showed off her looks to them (the plan was something Marumaro came up with to have some fun with an easy fight). Bouquet was soon sent on a mission to retrieve seven legendary pages. After solving her page, she gained the power to copy any attack which was used on her, and she is able to defeat Szabo.

Season 2 (Trial of the Seven Shadows)[]

Bouquet in Season 2

Bouquet in Season 2

Two years later, she and Shu are working in a resistance against General Logi. Although it has been two years Bouquet is still chasing Shu and trying to win his affection, with Marurmaro trying to get a little love from Bouquet of course. They meet Noi and her Shadow was reawakened. Shortly after, Noi gives her and her Shadow the ability to merge with Shu and Blue Dragon. She also develops a friendship with Lota, and later on she and Shu save her from Rudolf.



She first met Shu when he saved her from being harassed by two men at the restaurant. When Bouquet saw Shu after this heroic display, it was love at first sight. She asked if she could join their team, but Zola says it's up to Shu. The latter declines at the end and urges Zola to speed up the wagon so they can escape Bouquet. Not willing to give up, Bouquet chases after the group. She returns in episode 9 and starts this habit of pulling Shu into her chest, something that angers Kluke to no end. Towards the end of this episode, she is able to "trick" Shu into marrying her. She's seen throughout season 1 trying to hog his attention, declaring that she is indeed his fiancé.

In Trial of the Seven Shadows, her relationship with Shu seems to have grown, as Shu doesn't seem to avoid her as much, and also appears that Shu may have the same feelings as her. In episode 14, when Bouquet asks Shu why he dreams of Primella and not her, Shu replies, "I can't help it since it's a dream. I thought you wouldn't mind such trivial matters." to which Bouquet responds, "I don't mind." causing Maru to whisper, "I think she really does mind."


Their relationship isn't close. Kluke stuck up for Bouquet in episode 6 when Marumaro was trying to grope her. However in episode 9, the two sorta clashed over Shu; starting a love triangle. She was very angry when Bouquet was able to get Shu to agree to their marriage. In season 1, the two are seen fighting over Shu and seem to cooperate a bit better after episode 34.


Kluke with Bouquet in Trial of the Seven Shadows

In Trial of the Seven Shadows, their relationship isn't as hostile. In fact, Bouquet seems to let go of any jealousy towards Kluke by episode 30. Kluke also doesn't seem to have any jealousy towards Bouquet anymore. She also greatly cares for Kluke, as seen when she and Marumaro went to Kluke's village to save her from Rotta.


The two don't really interact that much and the only time that they do, is when Jiro mocking Shu, causing Bouquet to react to his rudeness in Shu's defense.

In Trial of the Seven Shadows, not much is known about their relationship.


Much like her relationship with Jiro, Bouquet and Zola rarely interact with one another. However, much like the others, Bouquet did doubt Zola's actions towards the end of the season.


Bouquet doesn't really like Marumaro, for she's usually the target of his perverted actions in both seasons.


They don't interact often, but, along with Marumaro, holds him back when he tries to fight Zola in season 1. She also breaks up a fight between him and Shu later in season 2 and pulls him and Marumaro away from Shu and Kluke so that they can be alone together.


The first enemy her faced after joining the journey. At that time he aimed to strip her clothes off with an arrow attack and strip her naked. Bouquet, who noticed it, blamed him for his actions, called him a pervert and said he would sue him. And she lost her upper body clothes, but eventually she used her abilities to disappear and escape from Schneider.




Official Art[]




  • "But I know you didn't mean it. Don't be embarrassed, just be honest!" - Episode 9
  • "I'll be naked soon…"- Episode 11
  • "Buyo! ... Furi! ... BuBu!" - Episode 22
  • "You have no right to speak to me like that, Kluke!" - Episode 34
  • "I will help! I..." - Episode 34


  • It is possible that Bouquet would have become playable in one of the Blue Dragon games. On the official Blue Dragon site, she's shown wearing a completely different outfit with a different shading which greatly resembles the characters official artwork in the game. Her Shadow also looks less energetic/happy; instead she has the same shading as the Shadows in Plus and red eyes.
  • The Heroine from Awakened Shadow highly resembles Bouquet.
  • While she needs to take off her clothes when using her invisibility, it seems she doesn't need to remove her hair clip.
  • In the dub version, some expressions and depictions about her have been censored.