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Bouquet's Ruins is the thirty-fifth episode aired in the Blue Dragon (anime).


From their Mechat, Shu and co. notice Nene's fortress abducting the Hippopotamus Ruins and rush there before it is carried away. Nene suggests to his crew to drop the ruins onto the informant town of Coreed where its resistance is located. Nene tells General Szabo to finish his repairs while he heads down to the Hippopotamus Ruins. Zola unleashes Killer Bat to defend the Mechat from the flying fortress' lasers. When the Mechat starts to lose power, they abandon it by jumping to the ruins. When Shu and Co. make it to the ruins and enter it, they have a run-in with Nene. As Bouquet enters the area with the Hippopotamus statue in it, the others fight Nene who brings out Chimera. Bouquet and Hippopotamus try to solve the riddle of the 5th page. After Chimera takes some blows from Blue Dragon, Minotaur, and Saber Tiger, Zola and Killer Bat join the battle. Nene escapes as General Szabo arrives with some robotic soldiers who attack. In Coreed, Conrad speaks with Knight Masters from around the world about fighting back against Gran Kingdom. As Bouquet tries to find her way out, General Szabo retreats as Nene's fortress starts to drop the Hippopotamus Ruins. After Bouquet passes her test, Shu and the others work on preventing the ruins from falling onto Coreed and redirect it away from Coreed. Zola mentions that there is a seventh Soldier of Light and mentions that they will be meeting that person soon. Nene then orders General Szabo to summon General Logi.