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Broadsword Fish is an enemy in Blue Dragon.


Broadsword fish are kind of a brownish-grey color with a broad, mean face. He has a long, broad sword in each hand and wears a thick chest plate.


The Broadsword fish is probably the toughest monster to fight at this stage of the game (not including boss) as it can take up to 3 minuted to defeat with regular physical attacks. His physical defence is extremely high, so it's best to use magic attacks on him (Magic sword is a physical attack, not a magic one!). The Broadsword fishes attack isn't majorly high, but be sure to have good defence and a white magic healer capable of high/good healing spells. Fish like water, so whats the opposite of water? Fire! Fire magic is best for bringing him down. He is usually accompanied by Magic Jellyfish and he has 330 HP.


Undersea Caverns