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City of Dragons is the 70th episode of the Blue Dragon (anime).


The Knight Masters, Conrad and Griz rendevous with Legolas and Daner in the city of Laibach to investigate another ruin belonging to the Investiture Beings.

Meanwhile, Rottarace is encountered by Delphinium, Deathroy and the White Guardians as they engage the white dragon in battle. But Lotta's quick evasiveness avoids Chimera's attacks and escapes while Delphinium and the White Guardians are occupied with her wyvern legions.

Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi arrive at Laibach following Primella's guidance. There they meet up with Legolas and Conrad and they descend into the underground ruins. Noi deciphers the messages found on the floors of the cavern. When Shu has Blue Dragon punch the artifact on the wall, he is sucked in.