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Compost Poo Snake is an enemy in Blue Dragon.


Compost Poo Snakes are another variation of the Poo Snakes. They're green in colour with leaves stuck to them, and their gloves and boots are purple. Instead of a spear, they wield a shorter staff allowing them to use magic.


They're another very easy enemy in the game, especially since they accidentally kill themselves a lot! These snakes are vulnerable to both physical and magical attacks. In return, they have 2 other attacks: Summon Allies, where they are allowed to invite other Poo Snakes to the fight, and Flare, the magical spell which usually only turns on them. They have 55 HP.

Level: 9

Type: Monster

Encyclopedia Entry[]

Monsters created when leaves and grass stick to a poo snake. Maybe the Poo Snake was a little more lax than usual? Often damage themselves with their own Flare.


These monsters can be located on the World Map - Gul Highlands.