Conrad L. Lawrence
Conrad L. Lawrence
Name in Japanese コンラッド・L・ローレンツ
Rōmaji Translation Konraddo L Rōrentsu
Personal Info
Affiliation/s Jibral Kingdom
Occupation Knight Master
Dislikes Gran Kingdom
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Blue Dragon (anime)
Blue Dragon: Trial of the Seven Shadows
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mitsuru Miyamoto
Voice Actor (English) Peter Doyle

Conrad L. Lawrence is a Knight Master from the Jibral Kingdom in the Blue Dragon (anime). He leads the resistance against Gran Kingdom alongside Shu's party. Two years later into Season 2, he continues to be support with Shu's party against the Investiture Beings. He forms an investigative party with Griz, Daner and Legolas to research their ruins. When it came to a fight between Hildegard, Fagino, and their legion of dragons, Conrad sacrifices his life to protect Shu from Fagino's attack. He is later revealed to be alive but recovering in Talta Village during the Shu/Blue Dragon's fight with Rudolph.


  • His affiliation role takes over from King Jibral from the game.