Personal Info
Race Ancient
Shadow Chimera (anime)
Affiliation/s Gran Kingdom
Media Appearances
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuji Ueda
Voice Actor (English) Will Matthews

Deathroy is the final antagonist in Blue Dragon, who appears as Nene's pet, but reveled to be one of the surviving Ancients of present time. Deathroy repeats everything Nene says, but is capable of speaking independently. Deathroy is a background character whose details and backstory are not revealed until the very end of the game.

Though Destroy himself doesn't also makes appearances in both Blue Dragon Plus and Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow, mass-produced copies of him do exist and are an important plot point in Awakened Shadow.

History (Blue Dragon)Edit

Destroy is a bio-mechanical super-weapon that annihilated the Ancients' civilization long ago. It took on a much smaller form and assumed the alias "Deathroy" while biding his time with Nene to regain his old strength, but was destroyed by Shu and his party. However, he is later revealed to be one of many mass-produced creatures, sometime during the Atomic Cube Crisis.

History (Awakened Shadow) Edit

Unlike the original Destroy, there is one that the player can raise during a sidequest. After completing a dungeon underneath Fushira's workshop, the player finds an infant Destroy in a tank and decides to raise it. To complete this sidequest, you can find various different types of seeds (Red Seeds, Blue Seeds, Dark Seeds, Ultra Seeds) and feed them to Destroy to raise its growth rate.

At various points, Destroy will grow in size, causing its appearance to change. Once the player has gotten Destroy's growth rate to 100%, Destroy will free itself, destroying its tank and causing a door to appear. This door is the Despair Door which now houses the fully grown Destroy, one of the hardest Door Bosses in the game. Upon seeing the player, Destroy will thank them for raising it before challenging them to battle.

Attacks (Awakened Shadow) Edit

Judgement Bolt: Destroy strikes the player or other party members with bolts of lightning, hitting multiple times and leaving them stunned. Destroy may use this attack as his opening move, though he can use it anytime.

Punch: Destroy swings at the player, which deals damage but can allows the opportunity to strike him from the back.

Blow After Blow: Destroy punches the player (or other party members) several times before crushing them with his fists. Each blow restores Destroy's HP, though he'll stop using it during the final phase.

Sever: Destroy slashes across the arena, which deals heavy damage to the player or other party members.

Energy Bolt: (Only uses this attack during the final phase.) Destroy emits electricity from his head, which rotates around him and inflicts Poison if the attack connects

Red Hot Hell: (Only uses this attack during the final phase.) Destroy chases after the player and breathes fire on them.

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Trivia Edit

  • Destroy might have been intended as an homage to Daimao Piccolo in Dragon Ball, at least design-wise, since both were designed by Akira Toriyama.
  • Destroy can be fought as a post-game super boss in Awakened Shadow and is considered one of the hardest bosses in the game alongside Arcane Dragon.
    • It is the only boss to be fought in Ultimate Battlefield, the design of which is possibly a callback to the first game. Not even Arcane Dragon has it's own battlefield or it's own battle theme.
  • Blue Dragon Plus is the only game where The Seal is Broken doesn't play when fighting Destroy, because he wasn't the final boss of that game, nor was he an optional superboss.
  • Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow is the only game in the series where Destroy shares a battle theme with the final boss (Last Slavery).