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Dongame in travel mode

The Dongame (団亀 Big Turtle) are anti-Shadow tanks developed by the White Guardians. Despite its large unwieldy size, slow movement speed, and weak armor, the Dongame is strong enough to prove deadly against Shadows, Investiture Beings, and the Rosekstan army.


  • Triple Brionac Cannon
An array of 3 large Brionac Cannons. These guns are capable of dealing major damage to Shadows and tech associated with them, as well as generating sizable explosions when fired at non-shadow targets.

Special Equipment & Features[]

  • Travel Mode
When not in use, the Dongame can close its hull in order to become more aerodynamic and space efficient, as well as giving a measure of protection to the Brionac Cannon.



  • The cannon, when unfurled, appears to be a Sphinx or, more likely, an angel. Much of the White Guardian tech caries this angel motif to contrast them with the Rosekstan forces, who inherited the demonic motif of Gran Kingdom shadow tech.