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Donna and Reina (ドナとレイナ Donna and Layla) are anime-only characters in Blue Dragon: Trials of the Seven Shadows. They act as minor antagonists.


Donna and Reina both have tan skin and wear dancers outfits.

Donna has dark brown, long hair, blue eyes and pink lipstick. Her eyes are slim and she has a mole below her mouth. She wears a red circlet with a light blue gem at the front and golden ball shaped adornments. Her earrings are three golden beads that dangle from her ears and she has a golden necklace, a right armlet and hoop bracelets on her left wrist. Her top is a red bra with gold trimmings and her skirt is a light red fabric with the same metal red as her bra for her belt. She wears red sandals, the exact same as Reina.

Reina has light brown hair tied into a high ponytail with a golden band and tall and blue eyes. She has the exact same jewelry and circlet as Donna except the metal of the circlet is purple. Her dress is a bright pink-purple with one long sleeve on her left arm. Her right sleeve is a purple strap and she has a belt of the same color. Her skirt is a light purple and goes down to her ankles. Her sandals are purple and the exact style as Donna's.

Blue Dragon (Anime)[]

Donna and Reina run down

Donna and Reina were once regular people who were run down and had nothing else. They both wanted to become beautiful and loved. Mikhael then gave the two of them Dragon Scales, which are visible on their necks. The scales cause people to fall in love with them and allow them to drain energy.

When Shu and company arrived, Donna and Reina were performing the Dancing Flame dance for a crowd of men, charming them. Even Marumaro was charmed by their dance, causing him to have an idea to have the two dance to cheer up Shu, Bouquet and Noi. He got them to dance with his friends, only for Bouquet to become jealous, causing an argument between her and Shu. They then began to dance with Noi, causing both Shu and Bouquet to be envious. All the while, the two began to drain their life force, knocking them out cold.

Marumaro and Noi then attempted to get their Dragon Scales, starting with Reina by dancing with her in disguise, but they were found out by Donna. They tried to resist their charm, but Marumaro immediately fell in love with them, while Noi was not envious at all, no matter what the two did with Marumaro. They try to dance with Noi, making Marumaro jealous enough to drain his life force next, until Noi stopped them by biting Reina in the rear. It gave Marumaro enough time to summon Saber Tiger to remove their Dragon Scales. In doing so, everyone who had their life force drained by Donna and Reina returned to life, even Shu and Bouquet.

At the end of the episode, Donna and Reina fall unconscious. According to Noi, they won't remember a thing that they did.


Donna and Reina have the power to drain the life force out of envious people using their Dragon Scales on their necks. Outside of this, they use their beauty to advantage on most envious people, or in this case, Marumaro, in which Noi is not envious of. They also charm the men around them as they perform the Dance of Flames.



  • They share many similarities to Maya and Meena from Dragon Quest IV. Donna's appearance is almost exactly the same as Maya (with the exception of many color changes) while Reina sports a different hairstyle to Meena