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Dullahan is a boss in Blue Dragon.


Dullahan appears in on the road to Jibral. They ambush the party and must be defeated by Shu and his allies.


Dullahan is a headless centaur clad in armour. Their armour is black, gold and red. They have large shoulder guards with spikes on and more spikes on their red chest piece. They have silver spiked knee guards and gold coloured hooves. Around their waist is a silver piece of armour and they have a black horse tail with silver armour at the base and a gold hoop not far below it. They wield a silver, red and gold sword. It has a spiked ball on the end of the red handle and a gold horned skull face decorates the top of the sword.


  • Dullahan is named after the mythical creature of the same name, also known as the headless horseman