The Eat Yeet is a boss in the center of Devour Village.


It's a purple-colored tree with red branches and roots. It has a few droopy willow-tree-like leaves at the ends of some branches. Two of his roots are larger and have black thorns. They come out of the ground when you attack it and at the ends of those roots are giant black hands. The Eat Yeet has a creepy, ghoulish face.

Information And Attack Strategy

This evil boss trapped all the villagers in Devour village, and slowly devours them, one by one each year. Known victims of this evil tree are Sahlia's parents.

The first time Shu fights this boss, there is no way possible you can defeat it because you haven't yet taken back your shadow.

The second time, however, Shu is back with his gang but he is the only one who has his shadow. Flare magic swords or even just physical attacks will do with Shu and use the others to heal, defend and use items. When you hit the Eat Yeet, it will defend its self with its hand. This is the best time to heal up. Beware the One Hundred Roots attacks! They cause a lot of damage. If your corporeal attack is up, you should definitely use it. Don't worry, this boss is actually quite weak compared to the other bosses but it will seem more because you only really have one attacker. The Eat Yeet has 1,700 HP which is close to the amount of HP a centipede has and that isn't even a boss.

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