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The Eat Yeet is a boss in Blue Dragon.


The Eat Yeet is a humanoid-like tree with an ominous face and vine-like, four-fingered hands that emerge separately from its body from the ground. The 'bark' of it is grey and its hands a scarlet red. The thorns on its arms and roots are also a similar red colour. There are long silver coloured poles that surround the creature that stick out from the ground. Before you fight it, its face remains covered with its eyes being shut and its mouth covered. Once awake, the segments around its mouth spread out to reveal its teeth. It has red eyes with black sclera, its gums are an olive colour and it has a blue tongue. Atop the branches of the monster are dark teal dangling pieces that resemble the leaves of a willow tree.


The Eat Yeet is a monster that resides in Devour Village, it once terrorised the inhabitants a long time ago but was destroyed. After Nene's arrival to the world, he was the one who revived the creature, causing deaths in the village once again. Sahlia's parents are some of the known victims to it.


  • Regular attack: Buries one hand into the ground and punches up at a party member to do a medium amount of damage
  • Sticky Sap: Breaths on a party member, causes small damage and may paralyse
  • Earth Reverberation: Smashes the ground with its hand, making ground emerge below the party. Does damage to all party members


During your first encounter with the boss, it's an unbeatable fight as Shu can't use his shadow.

The second encounter is the real fight. Shu is the only party member with his shadow so you can use the three other party members to heal, cure status ailments or use physical attacks. When attacked when its face is open, the Eat Yeet with cover its face with its hands. Attack it with a weaker attack like a physical attack from someone other than Shu during this phase. Once its hands are away from its face, use a stronger attack like a Magic Sword to deal more damage.

Its attack, Sticky Sap, usually aims for Shu since he does the most damage. Use another party member to heal him with the Mobility Balm otherwise Shu won't be able to attack on his turn.

This boss is actually quite weak to compensate the party only having one shadow so it's HP isn't too high.



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