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The Egg of Light is an end-game map. It appears in the game Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow.

The Egg of Light is said to be made by ancient scientists to gather people's shadows, which will then provide enough power to be able to "defeat Nene and his army".


The Egg of Light looks like a giant egg with blue wave-like designs.


The player is tasked to find the Sun Key and the Moon Key to open the door, which Nene said was "a door which the chosen one should have both light and darkness". After entering it and going further, there will eventually be a big door (which the player enters while controlling both Jyum and Ganda) and inside it are Jyum and Ganda bound by electric ropes, trapped in a cage made of thorns of light. Jyum and Ganda will then tell the player that the Egg of Light is used to beat Nene and his army.

After beating the Egg the first time, they will tell the player to get stronger and return at the right time.

After beating the Egg the second time, it vanishes, and both Jyum and Ganda are set free; they will then tell the player that it was all a trick, and will revive the Egg for it to suck the player's shadow, but fails when Nene helps you. A cutscene occurs and shows that Nene is defeated. After a fight with Ganda, the egg will be absorbed by the player. Ganda then curses the player before death.

After returning to the player's room in Neo Jibral Castle, the player gets tired and falls asleep on bed, while suddenly yelling in pain. Shu, Jiro, and Zola will go inside your room to investigate. After Kluke observes that the player is incapable of waking up, Shu, Jiro and Zola will then set out to the Atomic Cube to search for a Phoenix Egg, which is said to be capable of reviving the player. The Egg of Light inside the player will then escape and go on a rampage, all while the player is still "asleep".

The Egg of Light will form a new planet after beating the game, containing two bosses.