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Kluke: "Look at the size of that thing!"
Jiro: "This is no time to ogle at it! We've got to fight it somehow..."

The Flamboyant Dinoram is the first main boss in Blue Dragon.


The Flamboyant Dinoram is a four legged, long necked creature that resembles a dinosaur. It has a mainly orange and cream coloured body with blue and pink accents. It has red eyes with yellow sclera and curled horns like a ram. Its head is quite geometrically decorated with rectangular patterns along its nose. Inside its nostrils and mouth, its skin gradients from orange to purple to blue. It further has short spiked white teeth. Around its chin, the bottom of its long neck and tail is has dark blue sections and along its back are curved spikes that gradient from pink to blue. At the tip of its tail is a sharp, brown spike that matches the colour of its toes.


The Flamboyant Dinoram is encountered in Lot Wilderness West. It's the first main boss of the game aside from unbeatable fights like the Land Shark and Nene.

Creature Compendium entry[]

"Though small, you should find it challenging. Watch out for its tail."


  • Trample: jumps at a party member doing small damage
  • Mow Down: swings its tail, hitting all party members
  • Tail Defense: reduces damage taken by half and heals


The Flamboyant Dinoram is a very difficult first boss. After a bit of fighting - if the player hasn't noticed already themselves - Jiro will point out that its weak spot is its horn. If the player hits its horn, it will stun the Flamboyant Dinoram for a little while, stopping it from attacking the party.


  • It's name can be understood when segmenting the parts of it. 'Flamboyant' possibly refers to its gaudy colour scheme. 'Dino' refers to its dinosaur-like image and 'ram' may link to its ram-like horns