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Furioso is an anime-exclusive character and tactics commander of the White Guardians in Blue Dragon: Trial of the Seven Shadows.


Furioso is a silver-haired swordsman of the White Brigade who is one of Dr. Tarkovsky's henchmen. When Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi ended up in Nirvana, Furioso was tasked to head up the search for them. When he planned to fire the tri-barrel cannons to where they are, Primella had her grandfather abort the search at once.

In the war between Rosekstan and Nirvana, he used a laser hand cannon to shoot down one of the large exo-suits. He then engaged General Logi in battle. When General Logi was about to land a blow on Furioso, one of the soldiers sacrificed his life to protect him. Following the fight against Rosenkreuz which ended with Rudolph raising a giant wall, he and Vermillion oversaw the weapon upgrades. With a new sword, he trains with Vermillion and some White Brigade soldiers.

When Shu ends up gaining an audience with General Logi, Furioso learns what had happened to Vermillion. Furioso takes part in laying a trap for Fagino and manages to destroy what had turned out to be a clone of Fagino. While Shu fought Fagino in his dragon form, Furioso sliced off Fagino's right arm causing him to retreat.

When it came to the battle with the Investiture Beings at Z'mey, he started to have some doubts during the battle. Furioso manages to blind Moody Dragon before destroying it. Furioso sacrificed his life to protect the Mast Driver from Hildegard and Fagino's attack.