Gilliam is a character in the Blue Dragon anime.




Gilliam is a member of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron under the rank of Captain. He first debuts in Episode 10. He served as Marumaro's rival. He and Marumaro matched speed against speed. He eventually retreated on General Logi's orders.

Following a prison break at a Gran Kingdom prison somewhere near Castle Des La Testa, Gilliam led his friends Todd and Bishop to attack the escaped prisoners. While Todd and Bishop fought Zola and Jiro with Bouquet becoming something to protect Conrad L. Lawrence and the soldiers with him, Gilliam ended up fighting Marumaro, Shu, and Kluke. With help from Kluke's Phoenix, Marumaro and Saber Tiger managed to wound Gilliam. Andropov then contacted Gilliam telling him to retreat.

To prevent Shu's group from reaching General Logi's ship and reclaiming the stolen Extra Seven, General Logi had Gilliam, Todd, Bishop, and Cynthia be the first line of defense. To spice up the power, each member was given a Power Booster to increase the power of their shadows. In his fight with Zola and Marumaro, Gilliam was defeated when they managed to turn the tides against him, Todd, and Bishop in episode 26.

When Logi reports to Nene and Szabo that he lost two Shadow warriors because of Zola, (Todd and Lemaire, Bishop was killed by Marumaro), this goes without saying (but we don't know at this moment) that Gilliam is still alive.

After recuperating at Castle Des La Testa and wanting to avenge Todd and Bishop, Gilliam went after Green Lantern alongside some Black Shadow Type-Three robots provided to him by Delphinium. He is eventually killed by Zola in episode 34.




Gilliam's shadow Euphoria resembles that of a bird, with attacks that are known to be fast, and whose speed rivals that of Saber Tiger's.


  • Wind Burst: it shoots gusts of wind that knock many opponents down.
  • Feather Storm: it fires black feathers that explode on impact.
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