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Turbulent Mai (熱波のサイ Neppa no Sai) is one of the Mighty Quartet; General Szabo's subordinates, in the Blue Dragon game and anime.



Blue Dragon[]

Heat Wave Sai is awoken by Szabo when the party attacks the flying fortress. He is the third Mecha Robo fought. Even though the party defeats him, he reappears with his comrades later on as Grand Heat Wave Sai and fights alongside them instead of one by one. His last appearance is in the Primitive Cube where he forms Ultimate Szabo with the other Mecha Robo. He forms the legs part of the machine.

Blue Dragon Plus[]

Heat Wave Sai reappears in Blue Dragon Plus alongside the rest of the quartet. Their goal is to remove Szabo's Eternal Engine to make him evil again and return to their side. Heat Wave Saionly appears as Grand Heat Wave Sai in this game however he retains his usual name in dialogue in the Monster Book.

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow[]

Heat Wave Sai and the quartet's role in Awakened Shadow is similar to Plus where they want Szabo to join their side again. In this game, they are capable of making weaker clones of themselves (that are blue coloured instead of red) that act as minor enemies in their stage. They tell him how they despise the idea of a peaceful world and want to cause chaos with Destroy. Despite Szabo's pleas for them to join him, the quartet fuse with Destroy. Once defeated, they disappear and Szabo mourns them.


In the anime, Szabo sends the quartet to attack Jiro and Minotaur. They fuse into Ultimate Szabo in the anime too however their combination is different. Heat Wave Sai acts as the centre in this version of the form.


  • Throw Bomb: throws a bomb at a single party member
  • Superheated Breath: breaths fire at the whole party
  • Raging Flames: a stronger version of Superheated Breath



  • "Mwa ha ha! I'll dash you all to bits! Smash and dash into bits and pieces! I'm Heat-Wave Sai. I've been locked up too long, and that makes me angry! You, and your friends, and everyone else and their friends, are gonna be blown away!" (first appearance, Blue Dragon)
  • "Take this!" (using a special attack)