Kluke is shown leaving in a nearby village, being a teacher to some kids and treats the injuries of a boy named Romu after he trips. While at the beach, Bouquet and Marumaro have some fun while Shu goes to the village where Kluke is living. While on the path to the village, Shu runs into Noi who states his interest in finding Kluke and going to awaken her shadow. Meanwhile, Bouquet gets jealous when she hears from Marumaro that Shu went off to look for Kluke. The next day, Kluke leaves to tend to her students. At her house, Shu encounters Andropov who says that Kluke isn't here. Besides stating that he is looking for Kluke, Shu tells Andropov about what happened to Albarose and that General Logi's whereabouts are unknown. Meanwhile, Noi meets with Kluke. Andropov tells Shu that Kluke doesn't want to end up battling again. While the kids are napping, Kluke tells Noi on how she was treating the injured following a great battle and that one of the injured was Andropov. Also when brought up by Andropov to Shu, a flashback depicts Shu telling Kluke that Legolas is organizing a resistance against Rosekstan and states that she doesn't want any part in the resistance. After the flashback, a battle between Shu and Andropove then assume where Shu wins with little trouble due to Andropov's condition. Shu is unable to trample over Kluke and Andropov long found peace causing Shu to leave. Meanwhile, Noi secretly reawakens Kluke's Phoenix without her knowing and departs. Later that evening, Kluke returns home and meets up with Andropov. 

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