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The Hero/Heroine is the main playable character from Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, they can be named and customised by the player (examples like Davoli for the hero, and Zia for the heroine).


The Hero plays the role of the main character from Awakened Shadow. After everyone loses the power to use a shadow, they are the only person to keep theirs.


Despite the Hero being fully customisable by the player, the two genders do have set designs used for promotional art.

The Hero has light skin and dark spiked hair. He has thick eyebrows and small eyes with dark brown irises. He sports a green outfit slightly similar to Jiro's. It consists of a dark green short sleeved top with a lime sleeveless top over it. He has a brown belt with a silver buckle and beige shorts. His boots are khaki and he sports dark green socks.

The Heroine has light skin and red hair tied into two high bunches with black hair bands. She has a longe side fringe like Kluke. She has thin eyebrows and small teal eyes. Her outfit consists of a red sleeveless dress with a yellow belt with a silver circular shaped buckle. She also has matching black arm bands and thigh high socks. Her boots are a bright yellow with black soles.



The Hero/Heroine are capable of taking form of six different shadows (which are Dragon, Phoenix, Minotaur, Hercules Beetle, Mecha Robo, and Devil).


  • The male hero looks similar to Shu with certain similarities to Jiro and the female hero looks similar to Bouquet with a few aspects from Kluke