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Himiko is a character from Blue Dragon Plus.


Blue Dragon Plus[]

Himiko was first found in a cold sleep capsule where Shu awakens her and to discover she has amnesia. As King Jibral's team heads further into the depths of the cube, they are blocked off from Himiko until Nene appears. He breaks one of the barriers separating the team from Himiko and immediately recognizes her. Shu prevents him from getting anywhere near her, but in the end, the group must work with Nene in order to rescue Himiko. When the barriers are brought down and when the enemies have fallen, Nene asks if she remembers him to which she replies "I cannot remember". In order to restore a bit of her memory, he gives her half of his soul, which weakens him. He then leads her to a lower level of the cube.

After Shu splits up from King Jibral, he comes across Nene, and, before he can finish him off, Himiko appears. She remembers who he (Nene) is and tells Shu and the others about a promise they made. Soon, enemies appear and Shu's group work with Himiko to protect him. When the task ends, Szabo appears, takes Nene, and Himiko falls into a trap, once again separated from the main players.

Shu sends another team out to find Himiko. Here, she reveals more information about her and Nene's relationship and how she ended up in Frozen Sleep. Before the gang can move any closer to Himiko, the platform she's on collapses and she's sent deeper into the cube.

After meeting up with the other team, Shu and the others (with Nene supporting them) rescue Himiko before traveling deeper into the depths of the cube.

It is later revealed that Himiko is an "android", but she says her "feelings" for Nene and that her heart was true. In the end, she dies and no soon later Nene takes the same path.

Shu, Zola, Marumaro, and Szabo return to the cube where the adventure took place and see Nene and Himiko together.

Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow[]

She appears with Nene in the Atomic Cube, giving the Phoenix Egg to Shu, Jiro, and Zola to revive the player and helps the main character overcome one of the bosses in the "Otherworld". Her role in this game is minor.


Himiko's Shadow is an Asura; a creature with four arms adorning a gold cap and wielding two swords in the bottom arms. She is capable of casting the Moon spell (like Jiro) which casts White Magic spells at random. For example, she could cast it and heal everyone, or she could cast an Erase spell instead. Although she's not as reliable as Jiro, she's still a helpful unit to the team.