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Blue Dragon

Hineto first appears when he discovered that Yasato brought visitors in the master's monitor room and asks who gave him permission to invite them in. Yasato responds that he was just sharing information about their master. Hineto objects saying that the visitors should not know about that. Shu intervenes by saying that Yasato only told them because they asked politely. Regardless, Hineto forces them out of the room, grabbing Shu and Marumaro, and throwing them out of the room. He then responds saying that they are guests and they should stay out of their way. Shu states that he has a bad attitude. But Hineto ignores that and says "Please understand that rules are rules. Goodbye." and heads back in the monitor room. Hineto later comes back out and sees that Yasato was not doing his tasks, which in turn Shu finally gives him his own name. Hineto denies it saying that it is not necessary. Kluke also states that he is being completely rude. Hineto starting to get angry towards them, threatens to throw them back out to the moon lasers if they made him snap. Yasato kindly asks him not to in response to calling him his name. Yasato adds on saying that it's wonderful to have your own name. Hineto storms off saying that he will report this to his boss. Afterwards Shu calls him a Snitch.

He is not seen again (other than gameplay in Barory Town) until the attack in Wire Highlands takes place. Nene finally reunites with his servant robos saying that he needs all of them for some personal assistance (basically assaulting Shu and his friends).

After Shu and his friends were captured and locked up in an Ancient Prison, Shu wakes up and sees Hineto lay a tray of food by his cell door. Hineto states that Nene will be arriving soon and leaves afterwards not helping Shu give him any of the food. Later when Nene has one of the combat robo's hold Kluke unconscious, Hineto finds and warns him that the other 4 prisoners escaped. When Yasato approaches Nene, Hineto immediately frames Yasato about Shu and the others escaping. Yasato protests saying that they used their shadow's to bend the cell bars out of place. Hineto overrules this and requests Nene to look through his memory chip, so that he'll discover that Yasato is lying. Nene questions that this is the best a machine can do. Therefore he turns to Hineto and blasts him using his magic, causing Hineto to bounce a couple times before exploding. Nene afterwards calls him "worthless".

Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow

Two years prior to being destroyed by Nene, Yasato finally has the means to restore him and asks the Hero/Heroine to assist him in repairing him. When activating the combine pot, Hineto bursts out seeing that he was resurrected. When he first sees Yasato again, he states that he didn't want to be repaired but realizes that it can't be helped. He then turns to the Hero/Heroine and asks Yasato who he/she is. Yasato introduces him/her to Hineto and states that he/she is part of the Ancient Culture. However Hineto responds that he is not interested in that, causing the Hero/Heroine to fall to his/her knees in disappointment. Later he sees the Distortion portal and wonders about. Yasato replies by saying that maybe Hineto's resurrection had something to do with it. Afterwards Hineto recommends that they should explore it. Despite all of Yasato protests that it could be dangerous and he needed to stay with the combine pot, Hineto forces him in the portal and the Hero/Heroine goes after them, this starting the quest "Hineto Resurrected?".

Later on in the quest, the Hero/Heroine finds Yasato and asks where Hineto is. Yasato responds by saying he was reduced into tiny parts by his clones assuming he wanted to be destroyed again. Yasato gathers his parts and gives them to the Hero/Heroine, and afterwards they leave the Distortion Space and head back to Neo Jibral.

On the Blizzard Cube, there is a Mecha Robo repair station that Szabo and the Hero/Heroine wonder upon. Szabo states that of he/she needed to repair any Mecha robots, he/she needed to let him know. Which in turn, if you completed the quest "Hineto Resurrected?", you can insert Hineto's parts into the repair station and restore him once more. Hineto sees the Hero/Heroine once again and notices Szabo. He responded by saying he is "Obliged" to them and heads for the Mechat waiting to head back to Neo Jibral. The Hero/Heroine questions his quote "Obliged", and Szabo responds that he was always the defiant and arrogant type and was why Shu gave him such a name.

Back at Neo Jibral, Yasato was pleased that Hineto was restored again. However Hineto was a little annoyed with the Hero/Heroine about bringing him back again, but he/she stated that Yasato was worried about him and he didn't want him to be destroyed again. Therefore Hineto finally accepts being restored and no longer attempts to demolish himself again.


"Who gave you permission to bring visitors here?" (When he makes his debut in Blue Dragon)

"If you are guests, then act like guests and leave everything to us!" (After kicking Shu and his friends out of the master monitor room in Blue Dragon)

"Please understand that rules are rule. Goodbye." (When he leaves Shu and the others after kicking them out of the master monitor room.)

"You are incorrect, I'm 35. No other name is necessary." (Hineto denying his own name in Blue Dragon)

"If you push me to far, I will throw you back out at the moon lasers!" (Hineto getting angry towards Shu and his friends in Blue Dragon)

"I'm going to report this to One!" (Hineto snitching on Shu and his friends in Blue Dragon)

"That is not my name. Don't call me that." (Hineto when Shu wakes up and calls him his name)

"Master! Master! Please forgive me, the 4 prisoners escaped!" (When Hineto discovers that Shu and the others escaped)

"Now I understand, you are the one responsible for their escape!" (Hineto framing Yasato in Blue Dragon)

"I'm sure if you look through his memory chip, you will discover that he's not telling the truth." (Hineto requesting Nene to scan Yasato's memory chip)

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" (Hineto when Nene blasts him away in Blue Dragon)

"What are you nosing around for?" (When the player talks to Hineto before the barrier in Barory Town is deactivated in Blue Dragon)

"You know I did not want to be resurrected Yasato." (Hineto after being restored in Awakened Shadow)

"By the way, who is this human?" (Hineto asking about the Hero/Heroine.

"Oh not interested." (Hineto when he learns that the Hero/Heroine is an Ancient)

"Hey I have an idea. Why don't we enter the Distortion Space and do some exploring?" (Hineto wanting to enter the Distortion Space)

"Don't give me that!" (Hineto forcing Yasato in the Distortion Space)

"It's no doubt, I am Hineto." (Hineto at the repair station)

"Well I am obliged to you then." (Hineto leaving the repair station)

"I guess it can't be helped, I'll just have to stay in this world for a while." (Hineto accepting his resurrection)

"I have to say I am bored." (Hineto when the player approaches him)

"Not really, I wasn't designed to enjoy being idle." (Hineto after the Hero/Heroine says "Isn't there anything you want to do?")