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Hippopotamus is Bouquet's shadow. He's one of the few characters to only appear in the anime series. He is voiced by Chō in the Japanese version and Michael Sorich in the English dub.


  • Transformation: Hippopotamus has the ability to turn Bouquet into anything she wishes by merging with her.
  • Mimicry: After unlocking the ruins, Hippo can copy attacks which hits him.
  • Combination: A technique Noi awakened in which Hippo and Bouquet transform into a glowing pink ball which when grabbed by another shadow will fuse with it and grant a near perfect body with armor like appearance and give the shadow a huge boost in power.

In the anime[]

Hippo is exclusive to the Blue Dragon anime, not appearing in any of the games. Hippopotamus is not a strong fighter and is somewhat of a coward, hiding when trouble arises. However, he always looks out for Bouquet's well being and is overall kind.