First appearance Episode 17
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Race Human
    Xie (Younger sister)



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Homeron is an informant who was sent by Zola's group to find the thief of the Extra Seven and the whereabouts of the Extra Seven themselves. He is widely known as the greatest informant in the world and has various connections in the lucrative information network. Although he is not known for his fighting abilities, he has a weapon sort of like a taser.

In Mitia, the city of information, Zola's group seek out Homeron's aid in locating the Extra Seven only to be told by his surviving family members that he was killed in war. Derailed from their plan of action, Zola, Shu, and the rest decide to hire another informant but have to take up jobs to pay for it. Homeron's niece follows Shu, attempting to change his mind on finding another informant. At the end of the episode, just as the group is about to give up hope, Shu reveals that Homeron isn't dead but had disguised himself as the niece the whole time. Impressed by his sharpness, Homeron agrees to take up their request.

Homeron is later killed by Delphinium in episode 24.


He lived in Mitia, the city of information.he has a younger sister named Xie.


Homeron has medium long orange hair and squinty turquoise eyes.  He wears a small jacket and long boots and is very muscular