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Shu: "Huh? I thought they hated each other?"
Jiro: "Hmm... They should, but..."

The Icefire Wolf Ghost is a boss fought in Blue Dragon.


The Icefire wolf ghost is a wolf ghost with two heads, two front paws and a tail. The left wolf is a dark olive colour with a fire pattern along its back and the side of its face, and fire coming from its paw and tail. The right wolf is blue with icicles around its face and along its back with a frosty mist on its paw and around the crystals. Its tail combines the two elements, spiralling the blue and red colours in a twist. Both heads sport dark collars - with the right side having a spiked collar - with a chain that links the two, black noses and sharp teeth, have blank yellow eyes and the usual single antenna of ghost enemies from this game.



Marumaro struggling against the boss before the player fights it

The Icefire wolf is fought in the Ancient Hospital Ruins on the topmost floor. It acts as the boss of the area. The player will encounter Marumaro and his shadow attempting to fight it and is given the choice to help him or not. Agreeing to help with start the fight however Marumaro won't be on your team.


  • Fire Claw: Swipes at a single party member and sets them on fire
  • Fire and Ice Breath: Blasts a fire and ice attack at the party causing high damage to all party members



The enemy changes from the Fire element to the Water element after being hit with a Water attack

The gimmick of this boss is that it will constantly change element, starting with fire. Every time it's hit, it changes to the opposite element as a counter 'attack'. So when it's on water, hit it with Flare attacks and when it's on fire, hit it with Water attacks. The element its on can be figured out by the colour shield it makes when changing. Red means its on fire, blue means its on water. The words 'Element Changed' will also appear on screen when this occurs. If the player uses the same element as the barrier, the attack will instead heal the boss.

If the player attacks the boss with an attack that isn't a Fire or Water attack, it will counter with a dual element shield and add 'Element Up' to itself. After this, it will use Fire and Ice Breath which does high damage so this is not recommended. After this attack, the boss' element reduces back to normal and they return to having a fire shield.

To counter the attack Fire Claw, the player must use Water on the party member who has the fire haze around them. This will do damage to that party member but will stop them from receiving continuous damage from the fire.


  • Despite being called the 'Icefire' wolf ghost, the monster never uses ice because it's not an element in the game, the closest element it uses is water
  • It's Japanese name 'Ni-heddo Ookami' translates literally to 'Two headed wolf'