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The Independent Flying Squadron was a team formed by General Logi to combat the shadow wielders.


They were led by General Logi and the team consisted of Lemaire, Cynthia, Gilliam, Todd and Bishop, Andropov, and Schneider.

Each member of the Independent Flying Squaddron served as a rival for each of the shadow wielders:

  • General Logi served as a rival for Shu
  • Lemaire served as a rival for Zola
  • Cynthia served as a rival for Jiro
  • Gilliam served as a rival for Marumaro (later Zola after Lemaire's death)
  • Andropov served as a rival for Kluke (but later on he falls in love with her)
  • Schneider served as a rival for Bouquet

Bishop, Todd, Cynthia and Lemaire were defeated when the shadow wielders attacked General Logi's ship for the Extra 7, leaving Andropov, Schneider, Gilliam and General Logi as the surviving members of the battle. Later, Gilliam is killed by Zola. Eventually, Schneider sacrificed himself in the battle against some giant shadow monsters, leaving Andropov and Logi as the only survivings.