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The investiture dragons

Season 2 antagonists, the Investiture Beings in Dragon From

The Dragons, Investiture Beings (上位生命体 Joui Seimeitai), or Legion of Elite Species as they call themselves are the main antagonists of Blue Dragon: Trials of the 7 Shadows. They reside in a floating castle above the clouds known as Castle Azure, while declaring themselves as magistrates to the world who decide the worth of the planet's inhabitants. They are ruled by a high council of 7 powerful dragons whose members are; Rudolph, Mikhael, Hildegard, Fagino, Rottarace, and Noi.

Only one seat remains empty, which rumors that Blue Dragon was once of the race, before becoming Shu's shadow in the present.


The Investiture Beings consist of 3 forms where they can shapeshift. Humanoids with elven ears wearing matching patterned uniforms with a single eye insignia, before switching from their capes.

Shadow User forms where they can summon shadows resemble their respective dragon appearance. Their dragon forms are their true appearance being their most powerful forms.


  • Shapeshifting:
  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Shadow Reawakening:
  • Immense Power: They are powerful to destroy an entire town.
  • Energy Blasts:


Historically known as sky residents by the ancients, they are actually mysterious alien beings who rule the earth before the Darkness. They observed the earth for many millenniums until the Darkness resurfaced and Shu and the other light warrior descendants resealed it. The high dragon council evaluated the events 2 years before the Season 2 storyline, where they evaluate the 7 descendants, by reviving their shadows and performing trials to search for possible candidates for the surface world. Most of the trials consist of physical mortal combat (mostly Mikhail), and mental tests (mostly Rottarace).

With Mikhael petrified and Rudolph and Fagino defeated by Shu/Blue Dragon, only Noi, Hildegarde and Rottarace are the only surviving dragons left. Noi was chosen to be the new chairman due to his newfound understanding of humanity.


A legion of winged creatures commanded by the Investiture Beings. They are beastly with no human intelligence. They first appear in Zmey to destroy the Mass Driver under Rudolph's command, until they were pushed back by the combined alliance of Shu's party. White Guardians, and Rosekstan.


  • Their flight abilities are presumably parodied after the characters' flight from Akira Toriyama's previous work, Dragon Ball.