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Jeelala was once the Gorgo chief of Alumaru Village after stealing the gem of Jibral and framing Guru-Guru for the crime. After his defeat by Shu, Zola, Marumaro, Kluke and Jiro, he was demoted and captured after his crime was exposed.


Jeelala with his guards after the party finds the "stolen" gem.

Attack Strategy[]

On the first turn, you only see two Gorgo Beastfolk. Beware of their abilty "Threat", as this cancels any spells the target is charging. Any means can be used to rid of these guards. After defeating these two guards, a second cutscene plays, in which Jeelala acknowledges the party's magic and Shu eggs him on to battle, stating how it's now "his turn".


Jeelala shown in battle behind his guards.

Now the true battle commences. As seen here, Jeelala is now visable in the battle, behind his two remaining guards. Be careful to keep your spell-casters healthy, as they are the only ones who can reach Jeelala in this state. Magic such as Shadowa seems to be most effective against him, but this as not been 100% proven.


  • Jeelala framed Guru-Guru for stealing the gem in an attempt to gain Sura-Sura's affections.