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Jina ( ) was Jiro`s little sister and she died in the fire caused by Grand Kingdom. She shared a close relationship with her older brother and, according to episode 31, was an easy target to kids just a bit older than Jiro. She's spotted in a flashback holding a puppy-like plushie that appears to be sad rather happy.


Not much is known about her since she only appeared in flashbacks for two episodes. However, it's easy to say that she seems sweet, innocent, and kind. Though not expressed, Jina seems to know a bit about first-aid; this is proven when she's tending to the scrape on a younger Jiro's knee.

As mentioned in the Overview, she seems to be an easy target for bullies. This is probably due to her petite form and having no way of self defense


Jina has a rectangular face, dark blue eyes, and almost-shoulder length brown hair. She wears a light pink tunic with a dark pink turtleneck underneath, a light brown belt going around her abdomen, and blue jeans. It should also be noted that she seems to be carrying a "satchel-like purse" in episode 31.



They had a very close relationship.