Killer Bat in the Blue Dragon Anime

Killer Bat

Killer Bat
is the Shadow belonging to Zola in the Blue Dragon game and anime..



Zola received Killer Bat after swallowing a Light Sphere she received from Nene. Over her time secretly working for Nene, Zola eventually expelled Nene's power from within Killer Bat and made it her own.

However, it was revealed that part of Nene's power survived and ended up in a Cube World where Nene regain his power in the form of an evil Killer Bat until he gave it up to save Himiko.

Killer Bat like the rest of the Shadows was later absorbed by the Egg of Light, two years after the Block World incident.


Unlike the game in which Zola received, Killer Bat is the avatar of the Darkness manifestated from Zola's inner darkness her father's tragic death after the temple's collapse.But in the process, Killer Bat expelled the good within Zola that lead to her present form among Shu's party, while the good was artificially reincarnated into Primella by Dr. Tarkovsky.

Abilities and PowersEdit

In the Video Games, Killer Bat's default class is Assassin, that allows its wielder to attack with great speed and combinations, it also allows the user to steal items from enemies when attacked, and turn invisible.

In the anime, Killer Bat is able to materialize a sword which it uses for attacks like Hornet Assassin, which fires multiple shards of energy.


  • Hornet Blaster: Charges up electricity in his sword and fires the blast at full power.  Killer Bat's most powerful move.
  • Hornet Assassin: Shoots purple shards of light from his sword.
  • Hornet Pierce: Throws yellow energy bombs from his hands.
  • Ray Stinger: Fires a destructive yellow laser beam from his eyes; it does not damage an opponent directly, instead it goes through the enemy and then makes them explode after its gone through.


Like other shadows used by the protagonists, Killer Bat is blue until released through Corporeal. Oddly enough, its Corporeal form is far more ape-like than gargoyle like white fur, black flesh, two stubby legs and a monkey-like tail.

In the anime, Killer Bat has only two forms. One is the default normal purplish-blue form as its game corporeal, and the other is the black demonic form in the final battle.


In the anime, Shadows are given their own character and personality, but Killer Bat remains silent until episode 50, after harnessing the power of the Darkness.

Trivia Edit

  • It was is voiced by Richard Epcar, who also voices Heat-Wave Sai in the game, as well as Ansem in Kingdom Hearts and Raiden in Mortal Kombat.