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King Jibral is a character in the Blue Dragon video game and anime.


As his name implies, he is King Jibral the XVI in the game. He, Zola, and the Jibral Soldiers first appear to save Shu and his friends from Steel-Eating Tigers. After his castle was destroyed by Nene's wrath, King Jibral has a new castle built where the Cube Worlds are on the Castle Cube. In the game, Jibral presents Zola a ring for her (and her friends...of course...) protection, a royal heirloom bearing a powerful and magical gem. It seems that he harbors romantic feelings for her in the first game, which is confirmed in Awakened Shadow as he states that he wishes to marry her.

In "Blue Dragon Plus," King Jibral helps Shu and Co. when the Sentinels attempted to destroy the Neo Jibral Cube. He ends up finding himself in a frozen area of the cube, fighting off the majority of the Sentinels from reaching the exit of the Atomic Cube as the other characters travelled deeper in order to find the source.


In the Blue Dragon anime, Shu and Co. managed to gain audience with the King of Jibral after Shu and Marumaro defeated Salinas. This version is much different from the one seen in the video game.


In the video games, King Jibral wields a Kirin shadow. He uses guardian magic where he boosts himself or his allies' defense.