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King Poo Snake is an enemy in Blue Dragon.


King Poo is the toughest single enemy to beat in the entire game along with Gold Mecha Robo. He looks like a large, green poo snake with sharp teeth. He also has large feet with 1 toe in the back and 3 in the front. He has medium sized arms with 5 fingers. It looks like he has a crown on his head made of green poo that is attached to his head.


The King Poo snake is the toughest enemy to beat in the game along with Gold Mecha Robo. he has 2 attacks. Invitation to the Dark does massive damage to the whole party if you have no dark protection, and King's Scare adds erase and may petrify one target. his regular physical attack can do over 1,000 damage if you have no protection, and he can do about 3 attacks per turn, which can be frustrating. He has about 20,000 HP and is weak to shadow attacks. It is wise to have a good formation and keep your healers safe.


King Poo is located at the Ancient Ruins - Cavers near Talta Village behind a blue barrier,and appears after you beat Jumbo Poo and Corrosive Poo, have the Total War Necklace and Ancient Weapon Bracelet, and try to leave the cave.


  • It is ironic that the weakest enemy in the game is the Poo Snake, and the strongest and hardest enemy to beat in the game is King Poo, the king of all of the poos.