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King Uber

King Uber (キングウーパー Kingu Ubaa) is a boss who appeared in Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow. Midway through the main story, the player goes into the Neo Jibral Deep Layer and encounters him at the bottom of the dungeon. It's defeat causes the dungeon to cave in, though the player can still revisit the area.


King Uber has several attacks it can use:

  • Claw Swipe (Attacks the player by swiping at them)
  • Deadly Poison Breath? (Spews green coloured breath that inflicts Poison)
  • Stone Drop (Causes rocks to fall on your party)

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  • It has a palette swap known as Imp Uber, making it one of the few story bosses to have a Door Boss counterpart.
  • King Uber's design appears to take inspiration from a combination of Mexican mole lizards and axolotls, due to the former being a worm-like creature with arms and the latter's head possessing external gil stalks.