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Kirin (キリン) is one of the Shadows that appear in Blue Dragon Plus. Its original user is King Jibral.


Kirin is a chimera, a mix of creatures. It seems to be a horse mixed with a dragon. It has scaled skin and a ribbed stomach, two hoofed arms at their chest and a horse-like tail. They have a single black horn with a gold cover at the tip and two small horse ears. Down their back is a long waving mane. They have sharp white teeth, long whiskers like an Asian dragon and a large black nose. Like every other good shadow, they have red eyes.


Kirin is the shadow for the Guardian class. They use defense aiding spells to protect their user and allies as well as giving the user abilities that increase their speed and jump height. Their abilities are: Iron Wall, Warrior's Stand, Shield, Parry, Leap, Rush, Eternal Battle and Kirin.


  • Kirin is based on the mythical creature of the same name, a hoofed chimera from Chinese and Japanese mythology