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The Land Shark is an ancient machine and reccurring boss in Blue Dragon.


Blue Dragon[]

In the game, the Land Shark would come to Talta Village and destroy it every ten years, but only in the form of a brown fin that would stick up out of the ground. It is revealed to be an ancient machine when it drags Shu, Jiro, and Kluke underground. The Land Shark flew them up to Nene's fortress.

Later on in the game, in Disc 2, Shu and the gang fight the Land Shark again when they rush to Nene to get the 'bomb collar' removed. There, it appears in it's normal form (when it's not a fin) and then transforms into Land Shark B. It appears again in Disc 3, where you fight it in it's Land Shark C form and finally, at the end of the game, Shu and the gang use a Mechat to fight back the Land Shark before the world breaks into two.

Blue Dragon Plus[]

In Blue Dragon Plus, Shu and the gang use the Land Shark to break into a lower part of Neo Jibral Castle. Jiro insits of thinking a way in, but Shu pushes him out of the way and runs the Land Shark into the wall, making an entrance. Later on, it is revealed that Marutora, Marumira, and Sahlia had snuck on board the Land Shark in the beginning of the game.


It has three different forms:

  • Land Shark A - It's normal form.
  • Land Shark B - The Land Shark when it's floating in the air
  • Land Shark C - The Land Shark when it's standing on it's two back fins