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Legolas is an anime-exclusive character in the Blue Dragon (anime).


Legolas is a tall muscular man with a hirsute physique, a blonde curly afro, and beard. He regularly wears a blue sleeveless shirt showing his hairy chest and arms displayed in the open, belted by a coral red sash. His outfit if followed by avocado green wristbands, black pants, and lime boots.


In the views of most people, Legolas appears as a showboating blowhard while preserving his "status" and self-serving ego. Despite his cowardice during the most despairing situations, Legolas remains honorable and kind-hearted to his companions to the end.


Legolas first appears as the "chief inspector" of the Jibral royal army. He was first seen in episode 4 when he became one of Ivanov and Gustav's prisoners until they were liberated by Zola's party. After then, he tagged along with the group as his escort.

Blue Dragon: Trial of the Seven Shadows[]

He founded the Resistance against Rosekstan.


  • His character design and concept is based off from Mr Satan from the "Dragonball" franchise.