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Lemaire is a character exclusive to the Blue Dragon anime.




Lemaire is a member of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron under the rank of General. He first debuts in Episode 10. He mentioned in his first battle with Zola he was trained by General Logi himself and heard much about her from him. He served as Zola's rival in their first encounter. He is often interested in fighting her. In their first battle, he fought her and lost.

He later helped Cynthia fight Shu and Jiro at a Gran Kingdom prison, but were defeated by them and Zola.

To prevent Zola's group from reaching General Logi's airship to reclaim the Extra Seven, Lemaire, Andropov, and Schneider were the second line of defense. To help them out, the Independent Flying Squadron members were each given a Power Booster to increase the power of their shadows. In the third and final confrontation against Zola in episode 27, Lemaire fell in battle.




Lemaire's shadow is Deucalion, an armored warrior who uses a shield with a ball-in-chain in it. Deucalion is also shown to wield a variety of weapons ranging from a sword, a glaive, a bazooka, a flail, a hook-shaped weapon, and two boomerangs.


  • Riot Bays- beams of light shine from its shoulders.  

he also looks like super 17 in dragon ball gt