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Mad-Eye is an optional boss in Disc 1 of Blue Dragon. The player encounters it when Shu, Jiro, Kluke and Marumaro have arrived back in Talta Village. The player can fight it if they talk to a coughing pedlar (actually Mad Eye in disguise).



As an optional boss, Mad Eye can be found in the destroyed Talta village as an old man in yellow and purple who is coughing. Once talked to, a fight ensues with the boss as well as Skeleton monsters.


  • Endless Summons: summons skeletons
  • Flara: shoots fire at a single party member
  • Watera: shoots water at a formation line of the party
  • Winda:
  • Final Summons: summons Skeleton Captains
  • Tempest: All element high damage attack.


Despite looking like a ghost, Mad Eye is actually a Magic Monster, so Shine spells aren't as effective on it. Despite this, Shine spells are very strong against the skeletons it summons and it has a chance to stun Mad Eye - disabling it from attacking. Using Shina on the whole enemy party is suggested as it can deal with the skeletons and stun the boss. If players have been spending time working up class ranks in both Sword Master as well as Black magic, they should be able to cast Shadow and Shadow sword, once you defeat the 3 waves of skeletons Mad Eye summons, he lowers his damage resistance, rendering him extremely susceptible to Shadow Type Magic, while also allowing him to cast a spell called Tempest, this attack has high amounts of damage, rendering natural resistances useless, and should be best countered with Barrier type magic that increases resistance against Magic based attacks. Once you drop the skeletons, be expecting him to hit you with this attack by the end of his rotation of elemental magic, which then, he repeats the same cycle of attacks, ending it with another Tempest.


  • "Naw... I feel real good, real good... Because tasty morsels like you strayed right into me!"


  • It has a number of counterparts that appear as normal enemies
    • This also applies to the original Mad Eye itself, the Steel-Eating Tigers and their counterparts, as well as Flame Raptor and its' counterparts
    • As a normal enemy it appears in the Road to Jibral
  • Mad Eye is the only:
    • Disguised enemy
    • Optional boss in disc 1
    • Enemy who is a boss in Talta Village (excluding the first Land Shark fight, which can't be beaten)
  • Even though Mad Eye has the appearance of an enemy in the Undead category, it's actually a Magic Monster.
  • It has the ability to summon skeletons as minions, this is similar to the Scything Skull Spider and its' golden counterpart. The skeleton types he can summon are Green, Purple and Captains