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Marumira is one of Marumaro's many brothers and sisters.


Marumira is a small Devee with blue plaited hair and a blue segmented dress. She wears the usual bronze Devee helmet with a single horn on it, the helmet strap is too big for her so hangs far under her chin. She wears similar boots to Marumaro but they are brown.


Blue Dragon[]

She teaches Shu and the gang magic words after the Devees of Lago Village are cured. She tells them a word that will help them fall asleep faster. "One sheep hair, two sheep hair..." and so on, making Jiro worry about how many hairs a sheep actually has.

Blue Dragon Plus[]

Marumira appears in the sequel of Blue Dragon as a playable character. She snuck onto the Land Shark along with Marutora and Sahlia. She later meets up with Marumaro and Zola with Marutora after triggering a trap. She has the Shadow Cerebus, a three-headed dog. Cerberus and can cause Status Ailments such as panic, paralyze, poison, sleep, e.t.c. Along with Marutora, she later falls in love with Zola after agreeing when Marutora says, "I think I'm falling in love!"


In the video games, Marumira wields a Cerberus shadow. She uses binding magic which involves inflicting status ailments on the enemies in front of her and diagonally.


  • In episode 51 of Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu, Marumira appears in Marumaro's village behind Daner and Griz.