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Matilda is an anime-exclusive character introduced in Blue Dragon: Trial of the Seven Shadows. She serves as General Logi's aide Rosekstan Army and captain of the Hraesvelg fortress, after her home (Rosekstan's headquarters) was destroyed by Rottarace.


Matilda is an orange-haired woman who served as second-in-command to General Logi. After Rottarace destroyed Rosekstan's capital, she used her shadow to warp her and General Logi to safety where they laid low in the Galleon ruins as their second base of operations. When Delphinium and Deathroy infiltrated General Logi's hideout, she used her shadow to teleport Delphinium out of the base and briefly engaged her before teleporting away. When Matilda planned on using the Sleipnir's main cannon on Rudolph's wall, Shu interfered as the impact would destroy a nearby village in its range. Matilda along with Rosekstan with cooperation with Shu's party and the White Guardians join the final battle against Rudolph.


Matilda's shadow is Zephyrus, a monstrous swordsman with the ability to teleport and emit laser beams from its sword.